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I learned how to use Python, SQLite, html, etc about a year ago for grad school and my job. I desperately want to transfer those coding skills over to mobile apps, for language learning specifically, but am not too clear on the entire start to finish of a mobile app. Does anyone know where I can get answers to the following questions? The courses I am seeing online dive into making the app immediately BUT I want to know the whole workflow and moving parts before that.

  1. If I use Bubble (which I want to do, I can code with Python but it is not something I enjoy doing), is that where the app is created, hosted OR both?

  2. Similar to #1, where does the app live/is hosted when it’s finally launched? Part of this question is what are the funding areas that are associated with mobile apps, not only creation but maintaining the app as well.

  3. I am assuming that Bubble works with Android, is this a safe assumption? I am not interested in building Apple products.

  4. What is the life of an app from creation to market? What are the stages and what, other than Bubble, would be used to set up and go live with an app?

Thank you SO much for any courses, video or website recs to help me get comfy before diggin in and building the apps I have been wanting to for years!


Hi Steph!

1, 2. Short answer: Bubble; and Bubble lives in the Amazon cloud.
3. The best way to think of it is as a managed, MVC (model, view, control) server. The API capabilities in/out allow you to tie anything into what you build on Bubble. Until Bubble releases native export, I am building my native app using Dropsource. They integrate into Bubble in a way that’s almost too easy:

  1. Build out your app-store UI/UX in Dropsource.
  2. Setup Dropsource to play nice with Bubble (
  3. When everything is nice and shiny in Dropsource, and you’re ready to go to market. Dropsource creates the source for submission to the app stores. This download is editable source code, and with your Python/stack knowledge, you will easily be able to tweak it as you see fit. The app on your users’ devices will pull data/functions from what you build on Bubble.

Two of the intangible values to Bubble are their tutorials (on your page, below your apps) and this forum. Between these, you’ll find all the knowledge that you can shove into your head mush. Follow the advice of @emmanuel (naturally), @NigelG, @gaurav, @fayewatson, @mishav, @romanmg, @levon, and @natedogg. There are many others who have helped me along the way, but these people know what to know.

Happy Bubbling.


Thanks for the mention @scottb50
@stephfuccio we have also put together some free/paid learning resources that would help you along the way.
check it out here Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for and more

Also, Scott has mentioned connecting Dropsource front end to Bubble backend. We have built a backend template for Bubble that will help you do just that Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for and more

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Thank you. I dont quite understand this yet but it feels clearer than my previous understanding. I am excited how active this community is. I used Stack Overflow a lot when I was working with Python and SQL so I am glad there is a specific community that shares freely when it comes to Bubble. I will be starting to work on my first app in mid-March, after my first language test (Chinese, HSK 1) and vacation. I will certainly have more questions then:) lol. Thanks again!