Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features unlimited for $49 lifetime deal

Nice deal for Bubble startups. You can get noticed by a lot of investors through bizplan.

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Just spent about 20 minutes figuring out what’s actually included and what isn’t. In essence you get:
-access to Bizplan for lifetime
-access to fundable (only relevant to US startups)
-access to launchrock (not needed since you’re using Bubble)
-access to a raft of education material (you might have too many of those already, but perhaps the quality is high, dunno)
-access to a community
-potentially upcoming products are included

Other items aren’t included, such as:
-mentoring fees
-coaching fees
-VA fees
-potentially upcoming products will have fees

Noteworthy is that the “exclusive deals” come with nearly all startup initiatives, of which some are expensive ($700 on product hunt) and some are free (Startup school by Y Combinator).

All in all, it sounds really worth it if you want lifetime access to Bizplan or Fundable :+1:

Guys you can also find great deals here:

it’s 49$ for the whole year and you get access to all premium + free deals

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Attempting to understand the sequence when a user subscribes through an appsumo deal. Since the user gets a 60 day guarantee and needs to redeem their code within that timeframe to lock in their deal, do you provide them a 60 day trial at signup and add them on a plan (annual or lifetime) after they redeem their provided purchase code? Does the transaction happen through appsumo or your bubble app?


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