States - Button stopped working? HELP

My button was toggling the group perfectly and out of nowhere, it stopped.

I am going crazy, please help :no_mouth:

fg_v_menu is the floating group i am trying to show
it was working and now it isn’t (

i think value should just be no.

do you mean second screenshot?

it doesn’t work

I recreated toggle in another app, have a look

it is working perfectly :sob:

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Sorry. I check again and I think it ok. You are using a condition so if the value is yes, it will return no and if no, it will return yes. Did you test using step by step mode?

There is a screenshot above from step to step let me do one more for the group itself

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supposed to be working but it is not showing menu but showing green group

Can you make an exact duplicate of the page and share link?
Check if there’s not another group that is over or something like that

however condition when current page width >940 —> set state to YES

doesn’t work when I am making a copy (it also doesn’t work in my app itself)


Can I ask also how do you put groups inside of a floating group?

I cant seem to put a small menu icon (it’s inside a group). Doesn’t work as usual - drag and drop inside? Any tricks or what am I doing wrong?

Normally it should work the same as a page. You just need to add element into the floating group. Check if there’s nothing over the group. You can hide them in element tree if needed

had a look, i was trying to put FG into FG, it worked now.
Silly me!

Thank you again, you are an angel, Jici! :grinning:

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