Button not working

Hi, I’m kind of new on bubble and on this forum,

I’m having problems with a button that has already some workflow, It was working before, but know I clicked on it and nothing happens.

I believe that it’s something like there is something avoiding me to click on the right spot, but i tried on the step-by-step to check where I’m clicking on, and it right.

So I don’t know how to solve it , any suggestion ?

This is the link, but I don’t know how to share it :roll_eyes:

Thank you in advice

Can you make your app in Public view mode? We cannot access the editor actually

How ? hahahaha I’m sorry

In Settings Tab / General

Done !

Which button do you have problem with?

GroupEditUsers And GroupEditSala

I cannot “user” your app (login or use the “run as” function") so it’s hard to know.
I don’t see anything actually on the page or in x-ray mode but if you preview your app in debug_mode, use the inspect and try to hover the button. Check what the inspect dropdown show at this moment.
Also try to use step by step to see if something prevent the WF to run. But you have no condition in your WF so it’s shouldn’t be a problem.

I change it to “Everyone can Edit de app”, So check if now it let you see what is happening, because I already did what you said and when I’m clicking the button I see that it the group that I expect to be

You are using Material icon. I don’t know why but this is not the first time I see that with this plugin. You will need to also set your wf to trigger on icon click. Actually, if you click just around the icon, your WF work. But the icon no.

Aaaaahhh That’s right, I’ll do it and let you know.

Thank you very much.

That was the answer !!!

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