Displaying data in a dropdown?

When a user clicks ‘Create window’ I am instantly creating a new window with some default values which should display in a dropdown. But, despite the info being present in the DB, the drop down is empty.


The reason (I think) is that the group’s content type is ‘Window’, but the “Bead” information originates from an option set of type ‘Window_specs’.

Hi there, @darren.james7518… you provided a lot of info in your post, but I’m wondering if the issue is the simple fact that, if you look at the second screenshot, the Bead dropdown doesn’t have a default value. So, even though the dropdown’s group and parent group have data sources, you haven’t specified what the dropdown should show by default.

I could be off base because again, you have a lot going on there, but the default value is where I would start.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I thought I’d include a lot, but essentially I am only trying to display saved data, but crucially I am using option sets which is complicating things. The default doesn’t work either, for example, the default should (I guess) be the users saved value, so I tried the following which failed;


If I add a text element on the page and search for the users saved bead, that shows … so the group is getting the data from the DB but the dropdown parent type is not able to be set to ‘Window’, that is the issue.

This works;


Ah, I have found the issue … the dropdown default value can’t refer to the groups page Type directly but I can manually input the groups name, so I can refer to ‘create-window’s Window’s Bead’. That works.

@mikeloc You pointed me in the right direction with the missing default value so thank you!!! I have spent 2 hours on this grr!

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I’ll edit this post so it’s easier for others to see the solution.