Steam API authentication

Dear Forum Members!

I have a very difficult question. I need to get the Steam API to work with my website. Getting openID to work with Bubble seems very difficult, and I am too inexperienced with Bubble to know where to implement the Steam API.

What I am trying to achieve:

  • I need the users ID64 hex code to be attached to their account (the user doesnt have to be logged in using Steam, i need the user to get forwarded to steam, where they can log in, so I can get the HEX code)

I was looking to maybe integrate the current Steam plugin to call a users HEX code when this person fills in their username, but I have no idea at this point how this would go.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Plugbubble said they would add OpenID soon, but it doesnt seem like that is going to happen…

Need too !

I am also interested in a OpenID Steam plugin… did anyone tried to integrate JS into bubble for that?

i am serious about that also… i think a freelancer would be a great… but i think would be a wise strategy develop a node.js web server with an API so we could integrate an existing github SteamID Solution throught this server… its easy for bubble to comunicate with that using our own API… what do u think about that?

Me and Macross are developing a webapp toguether…

I will try that vue.js or even a phyton server, firebase… i think it would be far easier than a custom plugin… a plugin for that could not be scalable… but at the same time we could sell it in the marketplace

Hi @vnihoul77

I would like to inform you, that we’ve agreed to implement for you this plugin, and we informed you that on that moment we haven’t any timeline when it will be finished, as it’s not a simple plugin.

Also, we haven’t taken from you any money for this work, and we agreed that you will pay after we will finish the work.

I ask you not to misinform forum users that I am a scammer
Because this information is absolutely incorrect.

Thank you.