Open ID authentification to native Bubble workflow


I’ve been struggling for months to make a plugin to make an authentification possible with Steam (which works with Open ID).

I finally succeeded to make the Open ID process and to retrieve the Steam user ID BUT I still have a problem, I wanted to have the plugin compatible with the “Log in with a social media” native Bubble workflow action which I can’t use because it only works with oAuth 2 providers…
So I can’t really offer my plugin user’s a real SSO…

So I’m asking you today if you have any ideas to make it work with this native feature?

Cheers! :christmas_tree:

Did you get and test this part of the doc?

Yes I did saw this part of the doc.

The main problem is that using the Steam oAuth require to have a special API key that cost 100USD :grin:
And the Steam Open ID is more accessible with a free to use API key.

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