Need help connecting to a simple OpenID Provider


I’m currently building a website that requires Steams openID provider to confirm if a Steam ID is correct. The documentation on it is extremely basic and it seems like a very basic task, however I can’t figure out how to configure it to work.

Essentially what happens is, the user will press a login button, it will then take them to an external steam page to login, steam will confirm their login and redirect them back to the Bubble page with their steam details.

Here is the information Steam gives “Steam can act as an OpenID provider. This allows your application to authenticate a user’s SteamID without requiring them to enter their Steam username or password on your site (which would be a violation of the API Terms of Use.) Just download an OpenID library for your language and platform of choice and use as the provider. The returned Claimed ID will contain the user’s 64-bit SteamID. The Claimed ID format is:
(this is Steam Community :: Steam Web API Documentation).

I currently have successful calls to Steam and receive

However if I make this into an action off a workflow it does not redirect me to the login page. Is anyone able to help?

Any idea anyone? I thought this would be relatively simple for those that understood API’s well :frowning:

Each API has its own challenges. I’d guess you’re the first to try with Steam, and you’d have more responses if you provided more details on how you connect, so to help you we don’t have to start from scratch.

I guess thats the problem, I don’t really know where to start. As I said I’m getting successful calls from Steam and receiving the Type and URI. This is what I’m using:

I then have a button that uses a plugin to call the steam api action when pressed, however pressing this button does nothing

Not sure how to proceed from here, I’m clearly doing something wrong with the API but given its an OpenID I have no idea how to handle it. If I could provide more information I would, but as I said I don’t really know where to start other than what I have provided. Any other info I should give? Thanks for the help anyway

It looks like the request is returning a generic response, and needs more parameters to do anything useful.

Some ideas to get traction …

  • Provide a link to Steam’s API docs
  • Ask @emmanuel if this method (OpenId over xml) is supported using the API connector, with Oauth2?

Other threads that might be useful …

Thank you so much for the help, but unfortunately I am still stuck. The only documentation on the openID format for steam is provided here - this is what made me assume it would be simple, the lack of documentation on it. Here is steams API documentation but you do not login through steam using the API, just the OpenID - which makes me feel that the documentation might be slightly irrelevant Those threads were insightful but I couldn’t dig out any relevant information unfortunately.

I’ve read a few setup guides for steams openID such as ( but I can’t draw much with from them using bubble. I’m beginning to think that bubble may not actually support openID using the API connectors.

@emmanuel do you know if it possible to connect to openID using Bubbles API connector? If so do you have any guidance as to how I should proceed given Steam only provides 2 links (provider: and claimed ID format:

Here is also a link to a stackoverflow which shows how to do it in PHP If anyone smarter than I could translate this into bubble api connector, I’d be so grateful! I’ve tried tinkering with pretty much everything and can’t progress.

(Ignoring the API section of the code and just looking at the open ID section)

@markf I think Bubble has a node backend. There are three libraries listed for node on :

It does list a browser library, if its appropriate to do the authentication on the client side:

Another avenue you can try is send an email to , especially if you need a custom integration on the server side.

@mishav thank you so much for all the help! Unfortunately i can’t do the authentication client side as the client is not trustworthy in this instance - it would have to be server side. I’ll shoot an email to the support or wait for any word from @emmanuel!

@markf what happen to this? did you able to do the steam login? or i need to create an API call then input the api key using API Connector?

@markf @jigsgfx.gj Is anyone has successfully integrated steam OpenID ?