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Step after API workflow error isn't executing

Hi all,

I have an API workflow whereby the first step is calling an external API. When that API returns an error, I have a second step that should send me an email - pretty basic stuff, however it doesn’t seem to be working and seems to get stuck on the 1st step.

Here is where the log gets up to:

Any ideas why the 2nd step is not running / not showing up in the log etc?


In the plugin API connector for the API call itself do you have the checkbox checked

My assumption is yes since you have the conditional on step to referencing returned error and I don’t think that is possible without the checkbox checked.

Your logs however look like they are not showing an error with the API call but rather retrieving the file you are trying to send through the API call…or is this API call a GET call?

Thanks for your help!

I do have the first checkbox checked but not the second. Do I need the second? Not actually sure what that’s used for.

The API call is a GET call that is returning an image, rather than the usual JSON. But the error message is definitely coming from the API as the URL parameter I’m passing it is invalid.

I’ve checked other examples and they look identical to what I’m doing so I’ve already contacted Bubble for support. Maybe it’s because my data type is an image and not JSON… not sure.

To get the header values…if you’re passing any parameters in the header they will get captured, plus other values like date…I don’t think it is necessary or the cause of your issue.

They will most likely direct you to the forum as they don’t provide support for API connections. But the reply may have some helpful information.

When you initialized your call and the fields that pop up for the values returned, did you map the image parameter to be type image in Bubble?