API Workflow steps not executing

Hello, I’ve had this issue with many plugins so for my latest SaaS project I setup an API workflow for each webhook event. But now I’m working on a project where that is not possible. Can someone explain what the problem is?

In the current workflow a payment webhook is sent > in the second step we send an email to the user. I thought maybe I’ve set the conditions wrong so I removed all of the conditions. Still the second step is not executing.

I’m facing an issue now I’ve raised with bubble support where I have a recurring api workflow not getting set from another api endpoint, so could be related.

If I move the step 2 workflow to step 1 it works. All of the other workflow steps are not exectuted in the API Workflow. I have this problem also with some of my older projects but I thought it was my own fault…

@nocodeventure please submit a bug report. We are investigating @jonathan.timianko bug and another similar one with recurring workflows but there is no consistent pattern at the moment so your example might help

Hmm it seems to work again. I’m testing and will let you know. @neerja

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