Sticky elements on top of a repeating group

I want to place ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons on top of a horizontally scrolling repeating group of cards. I understand I can’t use a floating group as this is only relative to a page, not a group.

Is there any way?

Maybe you can show show the buttons below the repeating group aligned right, both in a colum container or. Then arrange the button to front and with a negative right and/or top margin let it float over the repeating group.

Also but maybe not ideal you can set the parent container to float to parent with a max width. I noticed that when things get smaller objects in the parent container will overlap, but maybe only when viewport dimensions are changing.

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That’s a great tip, I didn’t think of that! I think this will work. Thanks a lot.

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You’re welcome, would like to hear if it worked.

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