Sticky header in modal


Does someone know how to achieve this sticky header modal?

I’ve tried having position sticky and it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

Any reason you couldn’t just use a container (group) beneath your header to hold your content and configure it to scroll on overflow? (using the new responsive engine of course)

Thanks, @sudsy,

Is this possible with the new responsive engine inside a popup?

I need like a floating group inside a popup

I haven’t actually tried, but it seems like it should be.

The keyword there is “like”. It wouldn’t be an actual floating group, but it should produce the desired effect - that is, keep the header stationary while allowing everything beneath it to scroll.

If I get a chance, I’ll give it a try (unless you’ve already done so).

But you mean doing the popup scrollable, right? I need a header inside the popup to be overflow, not the popup. That the popup extend to fit content, but with a sticky header.

I would really appreciate it.

I found an example of a sticky X icon on Apple’s website


This can be done with just a floating group as a container group in Bubble…

Also, you can try to add !important to the end of your CSS (if that’s what you’re currently using) so that it overrides some of the Bubble generated styling.

Thanks, @dannyliu,

I tried adding this, but doesn’t worked.

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