How much db storage space do you get? I'm running out!

Hi all, first time poster here, really enjoying the Bubble experience so far…

I’m just working on my first app. I created about 200 records in a table with 17 fields and got a message suggesting an upgrade as I’m apparently using 76% of my db space! How much space do you get on the free plan?

What does ‘File storage’ refer to in the pricing plans? Is that the same as db storage space? Because I’m pretty sure I’m not using 0.5 GB yet.

I’m worried that even upgrading to the Personal plan with 10GB storage won’t be enough as I’m expecting significantly higher record counts when I go live.

Any info greatly appreciated,

File storage refers to uploaded files (i.e. images, videos, etc).

The database is separate from file storage.

There’s no limit on the amount of data you can store in the database - except on the FREE plan which limits you to 200 data entries.

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Right, makes sense, thanks @adamhholmes