Store data from webflow into Bubble

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We were wondering with our team if we could do the following, and if yes how :

We have a search bar where our leads put their address in order to find local people around them.

That search bar is on our main mage using webflow, and it leads to the 2nd page that uses Bubble, but that page doesn’t remember the address, as we don’t know how to save it.
So they have to put it again.

Is there a way to save data from our website to Bubble ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @tomjedusor45c,

For that you would typically use a URL parameter.

  1. On the webflow side, when the user presses Enter or a button to search, add a parameter to the url of the Bubble app (f.i. address) together with the address. it will look something like this '

  2. On the Bubble side you will have to configure the element in which you want the address to like this:

When the page is opened, the address which was added as a URL-parameter is shown in the input element on the page:


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