Store locator help needed

I am making a marketplace. I’d like for sellers to be able to identify local stores where their product would be available and buyers to find the stores nearby them. How can I do this without spending a ton of money on distance calculations.

Any help/ suggestion is appreciated

@J805 Any suggestions?

Hey :wave: @myflappd

I will see what I can do. :blush: Does not spending a ton of money mean not using Google maps?

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Thank you. Regarding Google services, yes, I want to keep its use minimum (avoid using Google places completely) so that both site visitors and sellers can enjoy benefit of no cost or a predictable low cost.

Hmm :thinking: Maybe you can try using Mapbox, it seems like a cheaper alternative.

Here is a plugin for it:

Just check with Zeroqode to see if it does what you need it to do. Otherwise, you can ask to see if they could add the feature.

Anyways, I think that might be a cheaper alternative to Google Maps. I personally like using Google since Bubble is integrated so well with it and it makes it easy to set up. Sometimes, for an MVP, it’s worth going the easy route. Then if you start growing, you can look into cheaper alternatives to save yourself some money.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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