Storing and fetching of data

Hi , I am pretty new to bubble and i am finding difficult to store value in database and fetch it back categorically.

Can someone share me the detailed Data(things)?

Thank You!

Hey @kishankumar247

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

In your example, you’d probably want to have a custom data type called “Entry” (you can call it whatever you want, of course, but let’s use “Entry” for this example. For your Entry data type, you’ll want to have some custom fields. In your case, it looks like you’d want to have a field called “Category” (for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say this is a text), and a field called “Amount” which would be a number.

When the user fills out the forum on the left side of your page and hits submit, you’re going to trigger a new workflow that will “Create a new thing”. The thing you’re going to create is an Entry, and the values for each field (“category” and “amount”) will be whatever the user inputs into the forum.

You can display the list of entries in your database using a repeating group. Inside of the group on the right side of your page, you could draw a repeating group (it seems like you may have already done that?). The content type of this repeating will be an Entry, and the data source could be “Do a search for Entrys”. You’re essentially asking Bubble to look for every “Entry” in your database, and to return that data so that you can access it inside of this repeating group.

If you haven’t already completed the Bubble tutorials, definitely start there. They’re great for showing you the basics of Bubble.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help i am able to copy data in database by using “Make changes to thing” event but this is modifying the database every time a new entry is done. How can I keep all the entries without changing the previous entries in database?

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