Storing Base64 strings/images

Hi everyone!

I’m using the API to generate some images for my web application, the output of the API is a base64 string. I’ve never really worked with base64 and so went about looking for a solution to convert this into a jpeg/png - but I haven’t found a solution.

So my current solution is to store the base64 string in my database and display the image via HTML. However, I notice that storing these long string values has made accessing my database laggy - assuming because of the extreme length of the values. So I wanted to check how much space they were taking up in my Bubble database but I can’t seem to find a way of checking. I can see how large the image files are but not other values. Does anyone know if this is possible? or does anyone know how much space base64 strings are likely to take up? i thought because they’re a string value it would be minimal, but might be wrong.

Thanks so much for any help!

this works! thank you

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