Strange Characters in top left corner

Hello Everyone,

I have something I cannot resolve : this string : "); appears on the top left corners of pages. It seems that it appears during loading but sometimes it stays on the page like here :

It’s definitely probleatic when (like now) I want to produce a pdf form a page…Any ideas about where it comes form and how to solve this?

Thanks a lot!


There must be an html element on the page with an error in the code…

or check the page header section, same issue:

Thanks @vincent56

Unfortunately, my page description and html header are both empty…I don’t understand where it can come from…
Any other thoughts someone would help…


Some progress…I realized that I delete some scripts in HTML header but when I look on page source of my app, it seems they are still present…

So any idea about how to (completely) delete scripts that were in HTML headers ?

Right click and inspect

Try to track down the element name causing this

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There’s a fun diagnostic technique called “trash and bash”.

Make a copy of your app, confirm the problem occurs in the copy. The following operations can be done on the copy until the problem is gone or there are no more items left.

Delete HTML elements.
Delete HTML / javascript in the app’s Settings > SEO & Metatags.
Delete other elements on the page.
Uninstall plugins.

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Found that the expression is in under the body style first line :

Now still trying to understand where it comes from in Bubble… :frowning:

more precisely, I think the expression comes from this:

< body style=“box-sizing: border-box; height: 100%;”>");

Any thoughts? Still trying to find how to remove this…:disappointed_relieved:

Can you reproduce this on a public app?

Check your plugins. I had the same issue and it was a plugin… might be worth a look

Mine was heap analytics plugin

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Yuhhhuu!! Thanks @Bubbleboy, it came from Heap!