Weird div appear on top of pages

Hello Bubble’rs!

I’ve run into this weird problem and not sure what to do. I’m getting random divs popping up on top of my pages. I’m not sure where they’re coming from. I’ve looked at the element tree and there’s nothing there.

As you can see from the attached photos, there’s a div on top of the page and blocking clicks to the underlying links and buttons. This has happened to more than a few of my pages.

I’m sure it’s something I’m doing but not sure what. The only thing that “fixes” it is to create a brand new page and copying the elements from the old page to the new. But the div comes back after doing some work on it.

Please help!

User debug_mode and inspect. Try to hover this part and see which element (probably a group_ is there.

I believe that you probably have a menu (with your avatar icon) that is related to the header maybe?

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I made a drop down menu aka reusable element that appears when I click on the profile pic in the header. Apparently it was in the way. I was confused as to why the width extended that far and what still obstructed when it was invisible.

Do you have any idea?

This is how Bubble work to draw the page. This create a line group that take full width of the page and use the height of the element inside. Each page have multiple line group like this. It may change in the future because Bubble are working this with the responsive engine update that is coming.

I see! Thanks for your input.

Do you know of any examples of how I would build the dropdown menu in the header?

Can you share your app in Public view mode? It’s probably just something to set to change your current behavior.

Actually I figured it out using a Focus Group! Thanks much. I appreciate it

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