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What is this? "DYNAMIC CODE NEEDED"?

In upper left corner in preview mode:

It displays on the browser not on the page.

I have seen similar things previously when I have changed elements and something needs fixing in the workflows or the application has gone out of sync with the backend.

Close all the browsers and re-open the application should re-sync things.

Nothing has fixed this yet.

What am I supposed to do?

I have cleared all of the issue checks.

As usual (and as I’ve answered many times on your threads specifically…) if you don’t share a link no one can help you.


Sorry, here are the links.

This is what i see in the page source:

Right, so if you type this code somewhere, it’s normal it’s showing up… Why did you type it in the first place? This isn’t a Bubble message, but something you added to your app.

Check the settings tab.

I did it to take a screenshot and completely forgot about it… Thanks.