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Strange Group behaviour?

I’m pulling my hair on this one! :confused:

I have an app using only groups instead of pages, like a native app. Page index is set to fixed-width (320 x 640). You choose group to show in a menu, the group being displayed right under the header:

The strange thing is that one of the groups will only show part of it’s content and not at the position set in the Bubble editor, but instead at X = 0, Y = 0):

But, after clicking “Show responsive boxes” in the debugger, the group is shown with all data and at the right X and Y:

Are you testing in safari by any chance?

Yes! Both on Mac and iPhone. But Also Google Inbox on Mac.

I tried to remove the group containing the part not shown, and tada, all is well. But I have nested groups on other main groups that is working…?!

Ok, because on Safari there is a known display issue with groups that are conditionally hidden/shown.
If you search you’ll find a long thread about it (sorry I’m on the run so I don’t have time to find it right now). But if you see it in Chrome as well, it might be something else… :slight_smile:

Sorry for not finding that thread in the first place! I didn’t consider a Safari bug. :blush:

It works in Chrome, but not in Google Inbox - could it be using Safari as a web browser.

Thnx @pnodseth. My hair can now grow back. :grinning:

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