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Strange margin in the bottom of the page


Under my footer there’s a white margin that I can’t remove. I don’t see anything hidden or anything. When I make a simple test page I don’t see such an issue. What am I missing?

Here’s my editor: Videomob | Bubble Editor


I experience this with all of my builds. It shouldn’t be a problem, it doesn’t impact the app. Only occurs in the builder.

Nope I see the margin in production. I think you’re referring to the debugging mode… Unfortunately the margin occur without debug…

Likely due to a collapsing group


Try this:

Create a new page. Make it any width but make it 3000 pixels high
Create 3 content groups of 1000 px height and all the width of the page and place them at 0 px high, at 1000 px high, and at 2000 px high respectively… Set diff colors to each so you can see each clearly when previewing.

Place anything else you want inside them.

Hopefully you will not experience the same problem (unexplainable vertical space at any point) on this test page than the one you are kindly sharing. :grinning:

Yes! Removing any undefined vertical margin is the way. Thanks a lot for your tip @cmarchan!

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Yeap! Building a structure is the way to go :+1:t2:

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