Strange position-behaviour when clicking on formelement

Hi bubblers,

does anyone have an Idea why the position of the forms change when I click on it? You can find it on this page: Bubble | No-code apps and here is the editor: markus-kuempel | Bubble Editor

Thankful for any help :slight_smile:

Do you mean contact form down at the bottom of the site? The position of the form isn’t changing when I click on it.

Yes. In the recording you can see what I mean: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Looks like you probably have some conditional margins. They may be on the inputs, texts, or the group/s which contain/s them

The only condition which is triggered by clicking the Inputform is nothing what should change the position:

But of course there must be something which I can’t find.

They’re definitely not moving when I try it… (in Chrome or Edge)…

So maybe it’s a Safari thing… have you tried it on other browsers?

You are right. In my chrome browser on mac they are moving. In safari they are not moving…finally I found a case where safari is better :laughing:

Thanks a lot!

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