Some Inputs are clickable and some aren't

Hello team,
I have recently ran into an issue where the some input fields in my forms are unclickable, while others in the same form can be clicked.

For example, I have a form to collect simple user data. The first name input field can be typed into, however, the last name field cannot.

I don’t have any restrictions or conditions for any of these fields
I don’t have any privacy settings turned on.
I checked the “move to front” feature and everything is at the highest viewing level.

I tried different browsers, but to no avail.

Any suggestions.

As all inputs working fine on my side, I assumed there’s hidden box (text, shade, or others) that block the view of your inputs. It’s generally the case. You can move one input to another level, and see if it work.

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Thanks for confirming that you’re not having the same issue.

I copied the form into a blank page and it’s working fine.

I may have to ensure that nothing is being blocked.


Upon further review, there does appear to be something wrong with input fields.

I have some preexisting input fields in a group which are unclickable however, I customized the style

I then created a new input field in the same group and it’s not customized ( using the standard style) and it “is” clickable.

I removed the customized style and now both input fields are identical in design, but the previous customized input is still unclickable.

Sorry, team. I found it.

I was some floating group that was created

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