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Input format only working on certain level of the page


I am not sure if this is user mistake or actually a bug. I have a simple contact form with 3 input forms that tigger an email. The challenge I face is that input forms only accept text when the user positions them on a certain level on page. once I move the page up the input form do not accept any text even though they are still very visible on the page.

Has anyone ever faced this challenge? Is the mistake on my end or is this a bug?


Without seeing the page or the app it’s impossible to say, but one possibility that springs to mind could be if there’s a floating group somewhere on the page with nothing in it which is covering up the input elements when the page is scrolled to certain positions.

But again, without seeing it it’s impossible to say - there are various other things it could be.

Feel free to share a link to the preview or editor, or even just some screen shots.

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Thanks Adam. No floating groups…I have checked if nothing invisible doesn’t block the view…
you can check it out here: - if you scroll to the contact part, you will see that when the input formats are lower on a page - you can type the text. but once you centre them - you cannot do it anymore…

This is truly a tricky one :thinking:

Mmmmmm, interesting…

For me they don’t work at all, regardless of where they appear on the screen.

Actually, if I change screen resolution, they work in certain positions.

There must be something covering them up on the screen (probably to do with the responsive settings of a group above them).

Without seeing your editor I can’t tell what it is, but try making sure the input elements are arranged at the front (use Bring To Front), and see if that fixes it.

For me only when they are low on the page…I will re-do it and if the problem comes back - I will contact the support team

Looking on inspector this seems to be the issue:

Part of your floating group header (probably a focus group or some other group) is covering up the page, as seen in the pic in blue.

So when the page scrolls above that the inputs won’t be clickable as they’ll be behind the group in question.

So you’ll nee to fix that in your floating group header.


that’s the type of magic I cannot do … yet :wink: … but I came to the same conclusion. It was the header that is a floating group, that has invisible log in window. I will move it to a different place as it works well when I deleted it…
thanks much Adam! I never stop to learn it seems… :slight_smile:

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