Streaming-site bandwidth limitations

Hi there,

I’m looking at building a very simple netflix-style app for a client. But I’m worried about bandwidth issues, so I have two solutions:

a) Just use video embeds from a Vimeo account where I am sure to have the bandwidth. The cons to this is that I can’t save users progress on the video in any meaningful way and will need to enter all info on the videos manually.

b) Put the videos in an AWS bucket and use a player to display that file. That should enable me to read length and current users place in the file and save that to bubble, so users can pick up where they stopped.

However, I fear that while this would work, it would start users downloading the entire file for playback prompting and AWS bill for that data out. So preferably i’d serve it as a HLS feed, but I don’t know if that is even possible in Bubble?

Any takes on this?

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Great post, I have the same issue over here.
What solution have you found?

Thanks in advance.