Consistent Video Streaming Based on User Speed

Hi all

Looking for ideas that other might be using for video content. Our site allows users to upload and stream video on demand.

Currently we are using an AWS S3 bucket to allow raw files to be uploaded and played on demand by other users. Pretty simple.

Issues do arise when a large/high quality video is uploaded and a user with a slower internet connection tries to stream it. AWS actually has some cool stuff here, I created a stack through CloudFormation that takes an uploaded video file from one S3 bucket and outputs a ton of smaller versions of that file to another S3 bucket (with .mp4, .m3u8, and .ts files with varying file sizes).

My question is, how do I implement the use of these varying files sizes. Currently I use the @ZeroqodeSupport AWS upload plugin, that is pretty easy to keep using to upload raw files to the stack. The thing I can’t figure out is then what… What is the setup on bubble to reference multiple different video files on an S3 bucket based on a users internet speed?

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Bump - still hoping someone might have some ideas for this.

I did some looking and there are some APIs that gauge user internet speed, just not sure how to implement everything that would be needed.

Bubble or any of the currently available plugins does not offer the functionality you are looking for.

Maby someone can help you with building a plugin that measures the internet speed of your users.

Another option you can consider is finding a video hosting service which offers an all in one solution. For example, I host some videos at Vimeo. They take care of the hosting and the video player.

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Ya - it almost looks like Vimeo is a much better option… @mike_verbruggen how is the plugin? Does it work well with the integration with your Bubble app?

Have you considered Mux? Might be another option.