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Stress test of performance - behaviour at peak visiting time?

Wondering how to stress test a Bubble app.

How can I simulate the load on the app, if e.g. 10, 50, 500, 1000, 10.000 etc. people visit and uses the app at the same time? Ultimately, I want to know how the performance is for the individual users if there is a lot of other users of the app at the same time.

Anyone knows how to do that? And if anyone has done it, would also be curious to hear your results.


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We’ve been looking into Preflight for exactly that!

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Interesting… I’m sure there are tools out there that you can set up as bots, and then a bunch of them will all use the app at once.

But this strikes me as a “big company” type of process, which you may be. But for a small app developer, I think it would be more practical to instead get some friends/colleagues to all use the app at the same time, and watch your log report to see what % of capacity was being used and also get feedback from them on any quirks/bugs. You can then calculate the capacity of the app in your current plan based on the # of testers divided by the % of capacity being used.

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I don’t think this is necessarily a “big company” kind of thing. Let’s say peak capacity is 10 users at the same time? Then it would be nice to know and do something about (not that I believe it is, but still…) :slight_smile:

It’s a good suggestion with having friends/colleagues test it for small cases, but I’d rather learn how to do it automatically to test for different scenarios.

Having a look at Preflight. @aaronsheldon what was your conclusion when looking into Preflight?

Looks really good for pre-release unit testing to ensure new development doesn’t introduce feature regression. We are still investigating it’s ability to bulk automate high volumes. The main thing is that there is no cheap alternative to load testing. At the end of the day load testing requires bandwidth, CPU, and memory expenses on the client automation side, that is generating and sending requests to the service being tested. Most performance testing services charge by the “virtual user” or “virtual machine” doing the testing.

Got confirmed now that Preflight is not able to do load testing. They seem open, however, to input, so great if more people raise it with them.

“You can use Preflight for your UI tests. Right now we do not offer load tests but this feature on our roadmap. […] We are developing our features based on our users needs.”

I tested out a few different tools. But like you say @aaronsheldon it’s pretty expensive to test with many concurrent users. was the easiest one to setup, but only allows to test 15 users on the free plan. Their next plan is 1200 euro per year for 100 users, which is way to expensive for my case.

Closest I got to any indication of performance was You can only test for the load (not any actions), but at least it’s for free with 10.000 clients/test.

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