Uncertainty: Testing the app

I’m very close to conclude my first bubble app.

I have some potential clients already but… what kills me is the uncertainty of Bubble. I heard a few stories here of people going to sleep and when they wake up they find a 1k bill for something they had no idea it was happening.

My app is not that complicated, it’s a private marketplace for companies and students and i don’t even include any sort of payment through it. Still, i’m super concerned about this. How do you make calculations to predict the number of users and workload units you use each month? Do you use a specific app?

Thank you very much!

If you haven’t already seen this blog post from Bubble, I would probably start there. And yes, there are stories like the ones you say you have heard (you can find a few of them in the forum), but I’m guessing what you have heard has been exaggerated. I mean, sure, if you do something like create a recursive workflow and don’t test it very well and have overages enabled and then kick off the workflow and go to sleep, you could wake up to something “unexpected.” But, it sounds like something along those lines is unlikely to occur with your app, so I don’t think I’d worry too much about it.

If you are talking more about users actually using your app, then like I said, read the linked post (and follow the links within it), and do some testing to get an idea of the workload usage that one user or a small number of users use, and you can go from there.


Appreciate your response.

Will read the post.

Do you(or anyone else) recommend any app to test the app?

Thank you very much