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Stretch to fit content Horizontal?

Hey there,

Has anyone come up with a way to get their “Stretch to fit content” to stretch horizontally?

Use Case: Right now i have a Text header that is user submitted. I would like to, on the right of it, have a “Created on: Date” text line. But If i have the Header text checked to stretch to fit content, and the content hits the bounding box of the “created on”, then the header text makes a line break and moves on to the next line, where as i would like it to simply push the “created on” text to the right.

Any ideas if this is possible? this issue has come up about 10 times today for me.

I don’t think stretch to fit moves horizontally. Only vertically like you decribed. However, couldn’t you just place the Created On Dynamic Date with the text header since it’s something that’s always there and the date can be dynamic? That way it’ll for sure adjust to the header since it’s in the same text box. You could even use the rich text editor for that box and only make the Created On text justified to the right.

Edit: I suppose you may run into styling limitations if you put them in the same text element! Have that text below the header?

Horizontal stretching is more a responsive feature. We already pushed some stuff in beta, you can experiment. We’ll have more out in a few days/week.

yup, the style limitations are the issue for your suggestion.

Looking at the resonsive stuff now, doesn’t seem to solve my current problem.

Do you think having a stretch to fit horizontal check box is a doable feature request?

Why would something stretch horizontally if it’s not to fit the screen size? Can you show an example on the web?

Sure. Here is an example.

For an example in use, here’s a quick one.
look at the top right of the listing, where it lists the seller “mycomicshop” and then their seller score. The seller name is dynamic obviously, so if it was “mycomicshopbecauseilovecomics” it would push the score further to the right, whereas if it was “comics” it would drag the seller score to the left.

Why not using Rich Text formatting and use different font? You could do this in one element.

I am doing that now and it’s an ok solution, but i also have a need like this for “pushing” repeating groups, which cannot be done at the moment.

That’s unfortunately not an easy one.

I see. okay then. While I have you here, any word on connecting to S3 nativly through bubble? I believe George said that was in the pipeline?

Hi Ben

It’s not possible to upload files larger than 50mb from Bubble yet, we’ll get there as more people request it.