Add Space Between Name

Hey guys, I have a (silly) question that i couldn’t solved. I don’t know how to add space between two names on my text element. Am i missing something?


Appreciate for the help :slight_smile:

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First you used it dynamically for the first name and click on the text field again and just press space without “more” or “insert the dynamic data”, then insert the dynamic data containing the last name

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Gosh! so simple and I just missed that! Thanks @eren

Last question (if you dont mind), could we resize the text background style size so it could be fit with the text length? Instead of just make it vertically centered?

You’re welcome

Wouldn’t be very handy. It’s a better and flexible solution by placing it in a group and setting the background of the group.

Disagree, would most likely cause issues when having dynamic names. You can also click on the rich text editor and then space it out.

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thank you for the suggestion man :slight_smile:

@nocodeventure that issues? how is that possible?

Thx guys

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