String Concatenation

So, simple concept… I have User First Name and User Last Name. I want to put the first name followed by the last name’s first initial into an input box (eg. John Smith -> John S).

I am able to :append the first and last name, but I came across a problem where if I :truncate it does the command on the whole result.

CurrentUser’s FirstName:append :append CurrentUser’s LastName:Truncated to 1 gives “J”.

So now I’m trying to give it the length of First Name + 2… yeah, I can’t +2.

CurrentUser’s FirstName:append :append CurrentUser’s LastName:truncated to CurrentUser’s FirstName:number of characters+2 Gives “John+2”

I also don’t have the option of “+” unless I do a second :number of characters… but then that just prints out the correct number 6.

Am I missing something?
This should be trivial, right?

Truncate the last name first and then append to the first the truncated form.

Can you do that inline in one command or are you using an intermediate state?
That’s how I had to make it work… I had to use a custom state to either hold the length I wanted to truncate or the truncated last name.

I didn’t see an “:append to first” command.

As far as I am aware you need to use a custom state and do it in 2 steps unfortunately.

It’s strange because the “+” feature is there when doing the “:number of characters” for a state of type number. Just not in the input box formula (conditional) area.

Maybe a bug?

Not sure if it’s a bug. If something works, even with a hack or workaround, I don’t really worry too much if the logical direct route didn’t get me there.