Need Help Concatenating First and Last Name in Signup Workflow

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on a signup form in, and I have a specific requirement that I’m finding challenging to implement.

Here’s the situation:

My signup form has separate input fields for the user's first name and last name.
When a user signs up, I want to combine these two input values into a single string and store it in a data field named 'Username' in my database.

However, I’m encountering difficulties:

i did tried to combine them but there is no space …

and I can't seem to find the correct expression or method to concatenate the two input values together.
Additionally, I'm unable to locate the "+" sign for string concatenation within the "Sign the user up" action.

If anyone in the Bubble community has experience with similar scenarios or can provide with a guidance on how to correctly set up this workflow, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Clear and detailed instructions would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Just press the space bar after inputFirstName’s value, before entering inputLastName’s value.

Yeah like what adam said, just combine the two expressions first name (space) last name) the addition symbol only appears for numeric values

thank you for your help , but i am not sure if i stated the issue clearly , the thing is when i click on “more” after putting the input of the first name value under "username field "i cant put another input which is last name , i provided photos for to make the issue more clear , thanks you again !

Don’t connect the two dynamic values. After you add the first name, add space first then the second dynamic value

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hahah :sweat_smile: i can see now ,thanks