Strip Checkout logo and Input field both not working properly on mobile

Hey all, bit of a newbie and need some assistance with 2 issues I am having, both work properly in a desktop browser even when it is shrunk to what would be a mobile size screen but don’t work on an actual mobile browser.

  1. Stripe checkout image - shows in desktop properly but shows broken in mobile browser

  2. Input field - The input in a calculation of 2 currency fields. It shows properly with dollar sign and 2 decimal places on desktop browser. In mobile it shows with no dollar sign and only 1 decimal place.

Any advice would be awesome. I have set my app to be viewable public.

Thank you.

Any of you fine gurus able to help me out? Would be much appreciated. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing.

This is what it says on the broken image on mobile.