Stripe Plugin - design missing on mobile device

I am using the stripe plugin to obtain payment from users.

I am 100% positive when I was using this a little while back, the checkout page was displaying my logo and brand colours, etc… which I set up through Stripe Dashboard, but now it’s not.

When going through the checkout process on desktop, it shows my logo/brand colours fine. On a mobile device, it just shows a black header and no logo.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

I’m seeing the same with the mobile checkout on stripe

Are you having the same problem as me? Or your desktop and mobile checkouts are both fine?

I will have a look at Stripe dashboard again, but not sure what’s triggered this.

yes, that’s what I meant, same problem on mobile check out - the logo doesn’t appear although it’s uploaded in the plugin settings. I’m trying the dev version though, maybe it’s better in the live one?

On my live app, the logo is shown but it still has that ugly black header with none of my brand colours.

A bit disappointing, as it looks completely separate from my app. May even appear suspicious to users.

agree, the way to go here is to file a bug report -

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Done :slight_smile:

This is what support said:

_Thanks for reaching out. The difference is that the desktop version shows a popup within the app with the blue branding while the mobile version has a ‘pay now’ button that pulls up a new tab to an external website - _

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