Stripe Addresses

Hi! I’m using the Bubble Stripe plugin to sell a physical product. Everything works nicely but how to I tell Stripe to collect the user’s postal address (and can I feed that back to Bubble)? I can insert a popup on my side before they get directed to Stripe but it feels clunky and is one more obstacle to somebody making a purchase.


Are you doing stripe checkout using plugin or API connector?

Hi! The plugin.

Hi @stevoster,

Make sure to check this box in the Stripe plugin settings

then you can run an API call to check the Customer’s Stripe ID’s address

Once the checkout is completed you can get a response from stripe which includes the user’s address.
Another approach would be to ask for location access before checkout so that you can store that in bubble.

Plus one thing you need to make sure is when working with stripe plugin. If you’re working with one time payments it works perfectly but if you have a recurring payment setup bubble wont be able to tell if the card is charged again the next month. You’ll have to create webhooks for it