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Stripe always in Test mode when triggered via Bubble, no live mode

I configured a workflow with Stripe to charge a client. It works perfectly in test mode.
I activated Stripe (bank account, right API live keys,…) and changed it to Live mode.
Whenever I use Bubble to Charge a client, it shows TEST mode. Impossible to have a live mode!!!

Anyone can help please?


You have to run your app in live mode, not development.

Hi Emmanuel, I am in Live mode. This happens in Live mode

Then make sure your keys are in the right place. If you open your app it’ll be easier for others to help.

Sorry, what do you mean open my App, make it public?

Share a link to the editor or a run mode link. Right now we have nothing to look at.

OK got you. will do that immediately

The pb was that Live key expired in Stripes, I had to roll new ones and it worked.
The pb was stripe not Bubble.

Thank you for this fast reaction and answers.

Happy New Year to all the Bubble team


updated my keys and it worked as well, thanks!