Stripe and Bubble - Recurring charges, canceled and failed billing

I have the webhook to Stripe connected and working. Tested with immediate cancel and all is working…I added the following to capture these later scheduled events “customer.subscription.updated”


If cancel is set to cancel at the end of the subscription instead of immediate…I’m assuming Stripe will hit the webhook with the cancel when it happens later at the end of the current paid period?

Similar…if setup for auto monthly recurring…Stripe will hit the webhook when the auto recurring happens?

Then based on those two we can add to the workflow “if status is canceled” do whatever canceled things you want to do in your app and “if status is active” when that auto recurring billing is successful do whatever active things you want to do in your app if any.

Also, when a billing fails I’m assuming Stripe will hit the webhook…will “customer.subscription.updated” catch this or is there another I need to look for and add to the webhook?

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