Stripe and Customer Payments

Apologies if this has been asked before, but looking through Stripes documentation and wondering the best way to go about this.

My app has several different functions that involve payments. There are in-house appointments, in-house POS and an online marketplace. I was hoping to find a payment processor that would just allow me to collect a card and charge it whatever amount, but it looks to be a bit more involved than that.

Currently I have Stripe installed and have been toying around with it, but my pricing model is based on appointments made. A Client would create their own company, take their own payments and I’ll get a portion of those payments, but with the way Stripe is setup I don’t think that’s possible, and I’m wondering if it’s usable with my setup. For example;

It looks like the only options is to update current user’s CC, or charge current user’s CC. But the user would actually be looking at an in-house POS list to charge the person in front of them. Could I “update” the current users CC with the person they are checking out, and remove it after the transaction had been completed?