Stripe - Subscriber charges their customer directly from invoice

Hi All.

I have setup the onboarding process for subscribers of my my app with stripe plugin. This all works as it should.

However I’m wondering if anybody knows how I would set it up so my subscribers can charge their customers via stripe?

Each of my subscribers have their own account, with all of their customers on, after they do a job an invoice is created (just a page that is generated from a unique id of that particular invoice/job). I want to display a button with ‘pay now’ that their customer can see when the invoice is sent to them, and when they click pay now they are paying directly to my subscribers stripe account.

Is there any way this can be done, if so how/what way would I do this?

I don’t want their funds to pass through me in any way and I dont want to charge any platform fees, it has to be directly to the subscriber.

Any advice, suggestions or help on this would be hugely appreciated

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