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Very confused.
At 24:36 in the video linked above (I copied the link to go there) this guy shows 3 APIs he created in “API Connector”, but he didn’t explain at all where he got the information and how he created it. The Get Subscription API I cant see the “Key id” or the “Key content-type” field and have no idea where he got that info. Same for the portal session API.

^^This is how mine looks so far from the data I have been able to find.

Also, is the “Bearer” part necessary in “key value”? Do I need my own link in the “Get” tab under Get subscription?
The guy was doing a great job explaining until here I literally have no idea what this is

FYI: Not a great idea to include a partial image of you API key here. Suggest you delete it or blur it.

Didnt think about that. Thanks.

No problem… I have created stripe connectors but never one for subscriptions so could not offer any real advise. Have a great day.

Not sure if this is helpful, but just in case here is an example of a POST for customer. Notice body type JSON and Queryst. checked. Credit for this insight goes to @dorilama who was a great help, and hopefully I am getting a chance to pay it forward.
John :slight_smile:


The Subscription ID is the ID of the particular subscription you’re trying to retrieve in the API call.

You don’t need the content-type parameter, so I’d get rid of that.

Yes, you need to include Bearer in the Authentication key.

The URL[id] is the correct one if you’re trying to retrieve a Subscription… you just need to replace [id] with a valid Subscription ID when you make the call.


Also don’t put your sk_live key in the development key section. It should be the sk_test one.

So should I leave the “key: ID” blank? This is how it looks now.
Uploading: AC7F7A86-3242-48BA-9071-7DEF2935B17A.jpeg…

Here is the error I am getting when I try to initialize the call:

So should I leave the “key: ID” blank?

No, you need to enter a valid Subscription ID (one that actually exists in the correct version of your Stripe account)

How do I find that?

You can look in your Stripe account to see your subscriptions.

Then just pick any one to use to initialize the API call (as long as it’s from the correct version of your Stripe account - i.e. Your Test account if you’re working in dev mode or your app, which presumably you are).

I was able to initialize the call! Thanks!
I encountered another issue when following that video. I was wondering if you knew the answer. Bubble x Stripe: build no-code payments - YouTube
After making a workflow for the “Get Subscription” API, there is supposed to be a tab that pops up that shows path(id), and underneath “only when”.
However on my screen, just the “only when” part pops up. Will add a screenshot here.

Have you checked the ‘private’ box on the id URL parameter in the API connector?

Yes that box is checked

Well that’s why you can’t see it in your workflow…

You need to leave the ‘Private’ box un-checked if you want to assign dynamic values to the parameter.

So uncheck the private box.

That was it! Thank you so much! Can I send more questions here if I get stumped following that video?

Yeah, absolutely…

This is where I am. Not sure what I did wrong but my customer ID and Price ID are not showing up.
Webhook on my stripe account is showing successful. The only thing I can think of than I did differently than the guy in the vid was not including the “content-type” key in the Get Subscription API. Any ideas/any way I can have you take a look at my project?

Here is a link to the dashboard page what all can you see in there?