Stripe API plugin error in Live Mode


I’m trying to initiate payments within my app - about a simple as it gets, customer is purchasing a digital product, so pay then receive email with the item. No 2-sided marketplace, no payouts to sellers etc. Simple Pay and Receive transaction.

Everything went as intended using test mode, but after inputting Live Client ID, publishable key and secret key, when I try to initiate a payment I’m met with this:


Looking on bubble forum I saw a similar situation, albeit with a different plugin (I’m using standard Bubble version) that stated I needed to add “Bearer” in front of the secret key, which I tried but to no avail.

I also saw opinions that plugins for Stripe are found wanting in most cases and setting up payments via the API connector is the best way to go, which I intend to do in the future but for the intended purpose is not worth the hefty time investment that would take at the moment, so hoping for an easy workaround just to get this working as a first time experiment.


Well… the error is saying you haven’t provided your API key…

So unless something has gone wrong with Stripe (unlikely) that’s obviously the case…

Whether that’s user error or a problem with the plugin you’re using I can’t say, and without seeing your current plugin settings no one can really offer much help here…

I’d guess most likely you’ve set the plugin up incorrectly - so feel free to share some screenshots of your settings (obviously not including sensitive data)… but it is possible there’s some other issue with the plugin or with you Stripe account…



I’ve managed to bluff my way to a solution - it was not clear to me that the app itself had to be deployed in order for a live payment to work. Have now deployed the app to live and tested it by purchasing my own product (lol) and it has worked on both ends. Can’t wait to receive my first payout from myself!