Stripe API > Product Update "Missing required param: name.",

I keep getting this error which seems a bit buggy because is says name. – the period after name doesn’t set well. Has anyone encountered this and found a fix.
I am an API novice but I know that a parameter will not end in a “.” (it won’t, right?)

There’s no . after the parameter in the Response… - the . is just at the end of the ‘message’ string (like it would be at the end of any other sentence)…

The missing parameter (param) is name

The error message is telling you that a required parameter, in this case the parameter name, is missing from your call…

So presumably, you haven’t included the name parameter in your API call…

Having said that, according to Stripe’s API docs, the name parameter is not required for updating a Product, only for creating one…

So, are you sure you’re making the correct API call here? (i.e. are you definitely making an Update Product call, and not a Create Product call?)

This is how the API is setup. It’s throwing errors up on the Create a Product API too - same error.
And now I can’t access the APIs in my workflows.


It looks like you’re missing a forward slash from your Update Product Endpoint URL, which effectively means you’re not including any Product ID in the call, so it’s actually a Create Product Call, and not an Update Product Call, exactly as I suspected from the error message. And as you’re not including a value for the Name paramter, that’s why you’re getting the error message there.

The Updated Product Endpoint URL should be:[product_id]

as you’ve currently got (note the forward slash between ‘products’ and the [product_id])

Also, it doesn’t make any sense to ‘allow blank’ for the product ID in this call (if the product ID is blank then it’s not an Update Product Call, but rather a Create Product Call)

As for your actual Create Product API Call, you haven’t set any value for the Name parameter (as the error message is telling you), which is why it’s not working…

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Thanks! That did it! I also didn’t realize I needed to add in real values for product_id and stripe-account for it to work properly.
I’m still very new to this and learning the basics - thanks so much for helping me get unstuck!

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