Dynamic Values for API Connector and "Create a Product" in Stripe

Hi, everyone:

I am completely new to the concept of APIs, but I have already watched and read a few resources on it. Yet I still can’t seem to understand how dynamic data is inputted.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. So in Bubble, I have created a form for the user to add paid events to our calendar.

Now, I have already succeeded in implementing a “Create a New Event” to add it to my Bubble database with all the desired variables, but because these are paid events, I need to the app the add it to Stripe without the users needing to directly access Stripe. After testing out a couple of Stripe plugins, it appears that API Connector is still the best option for what I need to do.

So I watched several videos on API Connector and tried to configure the “Create a Product” Stripe API.

But when it comes to dynamic values for parameters in the list shown, I can’t seem to find a resource that speaks to it. Right now, it works if name = “Sunday Dance”. The name is supposed to be dynamic values, so I want to leave it blank. But that doesn’t work (you probably know that). So how to I make these parameters dynamic and add them to Stripe?

  1. Since my products are actually events, they need to time and location. In Bubble, they have their own columns in the Bubble database, but how do I include that info in Stripe which doesn’t which them as one of the optional parameters in “Create a Product”?

I hope this isn’t too much. Thank you for any help you can provide.

I wouldn’t bother creating these as products in your Stripe account (there’s really no need)…

Just charge the User the correct price based on what’s in your database.

But to answer your question more generally, to use dynamic values in API calls you just add the value in the workflow they run in (or data source if they are data calls).

But it appears that I have to configure it so that I can add the value in the workflow…

Yes, exactly…

Depending on exactly how/when/where you’re taking payment (Stripe checkout, on your own app, up-front payment, authorization then charge later, etc.) you just include all the relevant dynamic data in the API call in your workflow.

Well, I must be missing something because I can’t even get the action to show up in workflow.

Yep… you must be…

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