Stripe API when there is a new event

I’ve a question…

Do you know a method for creating an application that stays in listen with a Stripe account and takes the transactions via API? I would like to put on bubble’s DB all user’s stripe transactions when a new payment comes.

It’s possible? Any ideas?




Or when a user subs your site, and the callback returns successful, use an action on that.

I would like that every users could add the api keys and after when a new transaction comes Bubble take it and put it on db. Without Integromat or Zapier.

Is it possible for you?

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Why would you want your own users to handle API?

Because I want to create a system that manages the user’s income direct from Stripe or Paypal.
And then everytime that a user has a transaction I would like to put it on the database and after create a dashboard with insights.

So you’re creating a CRM, essentially? With income tracking?

yes, automatic income tracking :slight_smile:

but every users can add a custom stream via api

Setup your data as follows:

api_key: text

Call that API key in your backend workflow (current user’s api_key).

Use the success response from Stripe to DO SOMETHING after the message (if failed, take user back somewhere, if success, change the users role) type of thing.

You’ll want to start from the very basic stuff, to the more advanced stuff to precisely nail down what you’re trying to do. There are a lot of different types of logic you need to setup for this type of system.

This is a good site as an example. Doesn’t explain data, but it kind of shows the operation.

Thanks :+1:

But in this way, Bubble continues to stay on listening to API when a User doesn’t use the web app?
I can do it with Stripe plugin?

Thank you so much for your feedback.

As long as you have a backend workflow to detect the response, and make changes based on the response, it’ll all happen behind the scenes.

Exactly. I would like a workflow like this.

Have you some resources for studying something like this?

I haven’t messed with stripe just yet (still working on other operations on my site first).

But the way I’d go about it first is trying to create a backend workflow that can detect the response code that stripe sends you back. That’s all. Once you play with that, then you can basically do anything.

It’s all a matter of calling the “Current User”

Ok, great!!
I will try it this way.

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Here is another document on creating your own API workflows with Stripe information.

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