Stripe automatic receipts

In my Stripe settings, I have “Email customers about…Successful payments” set up but the receipts are not being sent. Is there something I need to do on the Bubble end to catch the Current user’s email or are people just sending receipts manually from their Stripe dashboard?

This might help. This guy uses Bubble’s workflow to send receipts to paying customers.

Check around the 10-11 minute mark.

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Awesome- thanks! I’m already doing this with the Send email action, but I’m talking about the receipt download that Stripe sends out in one of these emails. I can do them manually but it would be great if the plugin could trigger an automatic send receipt action.

My suspicion is this would have to be set up in the API Connector. Based on the docs it looked like this should be happening automatically, but my users are not receiving their receipts.

Ooh yeah, I’m not sure. Still really new to Bubble ):

Anything having to do with APIs and it’s way over my head for now.

If you don’t absolutely need to do it automatically, I would just say send it manually. It doesn’t scale, but if you’re justing trying to test out an idea, it might be worth it.

Gotcha-yeah I was more trying to figure out if I was the only one or if this was happening to others as well. Many of my customers write the subscription off as a business expense so they want receipts. For now I’ll do manual but it would be great to have it automated.

hey @sydney22 have you figured it out?

@evgenia.tarasenko Unfortunately, no. I think I’ll have to contact Stripe but I haven’t had time.

Receipt-emails are only send in live mode. Stripe is not sending in sandbox mode.


Gotcha- thanks for this, @bubble48!

@sydney22 did you find a way to do it?

No I never did- would be great if this was added to the plugin.

Hi I am new to the forum but for this problem you can set up webhooks via the api workflow. You listen for the invoice paid and then you can find it in the request data and send it via email.

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