Is it possible to send payment receipts after payment?

Im happy to just get the braintree integration to connect with the bubble app. We had been using a wufoo payment form before, which automatically sent a payment receipt as an email to the purchasers email address.

The format of the receipt could be something like this (screenshot of wufoo’s auto email receipt):

I think just a subtotal, tax and total without the line items would work. Having the logo and layout helps since it is not a pdf. I dont think it is possible to have a table or image in the “send email” workflow, though I could be wrong. The title and description of the receipt could be set up in the workflow.

This would be the last leg of relying on wufoo for us! We have already used bubble for all our form submissions, complete with embedded forms in our website and prefilled fields with the url parameter features of bubble.

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You can do this through Braintree, but need to set this up with them. Same for stripe.

You could send an email with an action after the payment, but i’d recommend using their email feature.


Goodbye Wufoo! Hello Bubble!


Just a quick update - you can set up Stripe to email a receipt to a customer automatically after a successful payment or refund. This link will take you to the correct spot in your dashboard to update this.

Stripe Email Receipts Settings