Stripe Backend Workflow Working in Debug Mode but not Live

I’m running into an issue where a backend workflow I have setup for subscriptions in Stripe works flawlessly for the Dev mode version, but Subscription updates don’ t trigger on the Live version.

I have identical product/pricing plans in Stripe for Dev and Live modes (with the exception of the Product IDs, of course), and all the appropriate modifications have been made to the duplicated backend workflow for the Live version (which basically just works out to replacing the Dev Product IDs with the Live Product IDs). I’ve also added a filter to the Dev version API call of “Isn’t Live Version = Yes”.

I’m able to successfully subscribe a user to a Product in Live mode, but when they switch Subscription Plans, the backend API call doesn’t trigger, leaving the customer with the original Plan after having paid more (or less) for the new Plan.

I’m completely perplexed and hugely appreciate any help!

did you remove version test from the stripe webhooks?


Thank you so much!! That did the trick!