Trying to copy over a Stripe Subscription Product from Test to Live

I have been setting up my workflows in Development mode to sign people up to a Stripe Product using the Stripe Plugin.

I just published my page to live and instantly had issues with pointing my workflows to the correct Live Stripe Product.

In Development mode I used the “Subscribe the User to Plan” option in the workflow and statically selected the Stripe product from the drop down. It only shows my Stripe test products when in development mode, not the live ones. Which makes sense.

In stripe, I copied over my test product to live and then published my Bubble app to live. The first time I tried to sign up, it gave me an error saying that the plan it was trying to subscribe to doesnt exist in live mode.

So, I went into the Bubble workflow editor in live mode and it showed my “Stripe Plan Name” as blank and needed to be filled in. When I selected the dropdown, it showed all of my live stripe products, but I couldnt select them because I can’t edit the workflow in live mode.

I’ve read some documentation that appears to tell me that I should be creating a copy of the Stripe test product so that it has the same Price ID as the test one, but I have no control over that. When I click Copy to Live in Stripe, it copies all of the details but creates a new ID for it.

I have created a work around where I put the live ID into my Bubble database and then dynamically call that into the Stripe Plan Name field, but that seems tedious.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug in how the plugin and Bubble work together?

If you are only able to see Test Stripe Product in Bubble Development and Live Stripe Products in Bubble Live, then you should be able to edit the Live selections in Bubble.


Were you able to solve this?

Even if you copy subscriptions/products from testing to live mode in Stripe, the Stripe Product ID will be different between the 2 versions. What I do is have a workflow in Bubble with the "isn’t live version is ‘yes’ " condition that uses the Stripe test mode Product ID in the workflow action, and another Bubble workflow with "isn’t live version is ‘no’ " (i.e., live mode in Bubble) that uses the Stripe live mode Product ID. Hopefully that helps!

If you have a test product/live product, then you only see the Test Stripe products in Dev bubble mode and Live Stripe products in Live Bubble mode. Alas, you cannot edit the workflow in bubble Live mode. It’s clear a stripe plugin bug… REALLY getting tired of bugs in bubble’s Stripe plugin.


@david62 If you haven’t found the answer, this may work for you.

  1. Select “Dynamically specify plan”

  2. Input the Test price with a step condition “Isn’t live version is yes”

  3. Copy the workflow and put the live key with a step condition “Isn’t live version is no”.


Yep, that’s what we do, and it’s working well. Depending on the complexity of the checkout workflows, I might even say for some apps it would be good to have that condition on the entire workflow so you can test different workflow actions on test vs. live when needed.