Updating the stripe billing cycle in the bubble API connector

I have configured a custom stripe customer portal for a different users. The desired behavior when a user upgrades or downgrades their subscription is that the change does not occur until after the current billing cycle ends. From my research, I understand that I need to adjust the billing cycle anchor (and possibly proration behavior?). I have input every possible combination in my API connector that I can think of, but I can’t get it right.

Does anyone have a similar setup in their API connector and can share a screenshot for how you have these parameters set up?

Does this mean you know the stripe endpoint you’re supposed to call to achieve this and you can’t get the api call initialized properly or you don’t know what endpoint to set up to achieve this?

I have the update subscription webhook setup, but I can’t figure out what parameters I need to put in the terminal:

It took me about a month of researching and cobbling together portions of various videos to even figure out how to configure the customer portal lol. I’m still not totally sure what all the jargon means.

From your first post, you are trying to update a billing cycle but your screenshot shows that you are creating one from scratch. If you’re looking to update a billing cycle, you need to include the bpc id of the billing cycle you want to update in the endpoint:

I’m not sure if that’s you’re only issue but its what stands out to me with a quick glance

I needed the ability to allow certain users to upgrade or downgrade to plans that pertain only to them, since I have certain plans that are only supposed to be accessed by certain types of users. That’s why I created this customized billing portal.

Since I was configuring the customer portal session, it made sense to me that I would also specify the behavior for when a customer switches plans in the same call. The behavior should be that when they upgrade, they don’t get billed/switched until after their existing billing cycle ends.

But maybe I need a separate API call? I really don’t know how to code that functionality.